Amour Creole Magazine interviews CARIBBEAN APPAREL™

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By Marie-Renee Malvoisin

Amour Creole enjoyed catching up with CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ founder Legrand Gandhi Lindor. CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ offers custom printing and embroidery services to the general public, but they’re heart and soul is creating goods that highlight CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ culture. Lindor says the idea for the company came from wanting to bring unity, culture and pride to the Caribbean community. CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ was founded in 2007 and now-a-days you can spot CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ gear all over the country.

Could you tell AC readers, a little bit about CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ and why you got started? 

CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ is based in Boston and was founded in 2007 to create high quality pride clothing for many countries, specifically starting in the Caribbean. We feel it’s important for all to respect one another and to learn or at least know about each other’s history and culture. We also wanted to take it to the next level by creating designs that are subtle but get the point across and to honor historic figures in the process.

Are there plans for CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ to expand beyond casual wear and accessories?

Sure, the options are endless but we are going to hone in our craft as it is today before diversifying into other categories. In addition to our retail line we currently provide screen-printing, embroidery and design services whether it be a family reunion, company, church, non-profit.

How does CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ distinguish itself from other similar companies? 

We simply look to provide great customer service, be responsive and interact with our customers. We always look to put out high quality products and services and to be unique in our designs. Customers tell us that they get compliments when wearing one of our designs or jackets – it’s refreshing receiving emails and phone calls like that, it makes us feel like we are on the right track.

With promoting unity, culture and pride, is Caribbean apparel involved with any organization that gives back to the Haitian community? 

Yes, it is one of our missions to work with organizations that are doing work in Haiti on the ground and with organizations in the Diaspora. We are constantly attending, participating in, vending at numerous events that look to uplift the community in one way or another. We have done work with such organizations like Partners in Health, Physicians for Haiti, Haitian Mental Health Network, Arm2Arm, Inc. (medical missions to the bateys in the DR for those of Haitian descent and Haiti), Haiti Lumiere de Demain and many others that are non-Haitian including Jamaica Impact which sponsors schools in Jamaica. We are always open to working with more.

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