L'Union Fait La Force

L’Union Fait La Force is the Haitian motto meaning “Unity Makes Strength.” This motto embodies what CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ represents in unifying all, no matter where you are from we are all one. We must learn about one another and respect each other. The statue is of Le Negre Marron, a statue in Haiti on Boulevard Champs de Mars. The "Negre Marron" is shown with left leg extended (broken chain on his ankle); a machete is in his right hand, and his left hand holds a conch shell to his lips. The conch shell was often used as a trumpet to assemble people. Created by the Haitian sculptor/architect, Albert Mangones (1917-2002) in 1968 or 1969.

Item Description: CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ L’Union Fait La Force. Fashion fit, High quality 100% preshrunk cotton that provides for comfort and maximum fashion appeal. Show your pride, teach a little history, wear CARIBBEAN APPAREL™

Youth sizes are $10 

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